Friday, April 17, 2009

Quilt Along Progress

We have made some excellent progress on our quilts!!! We have all the blocks made. Mom's turned out really great, I seriously love her fabric combinations. She is using a natural colored sashing that looks really good.

I have my vintage blocks done but still 6 or so left on my other quilt. I LOVE how this turned out though. I am using white sashing which makes the bright colors really pop.

Ella thought the quilting looked like so much fun she wanted to participate.

I am going to mend it rather than remaking the block. I think it will be a good memory of what a helpful 3 year old Ella was. I think a little fusible interfacing and then I will zig-zag over the top so it is an obvious mend.

The next step is cutting and sewing the sashing. I have been on a sewing break since we finished the piecing. But I have an unexpected day off on Monday so I think I will get back to work then!

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