Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Quilt Along Fabric!!!

Since I can't keep working on my quilt until my Mom gets back from vacation I decided I might as well just start a new one! This one is vintage linens and patterned quilting solids. I have been collecting the linens (pillowcases) for awhile and I ordered two more from etsy (best website of all time). I even had most of the fabric, I stopped by the Quilt Tree and picked up three fat quarters and I am all set! I can't wait to get started. Although, I now have to decide between sewing and watching Twilight. A tough decision, we will see what I choose :)

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Christian & Mary said...

That is some fantastic fabric. It is so hard to stop buying cute fabric once you start! Love the quilt squares you made with your mom too. Working on quilts with Moms is the best.