Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Craft Collaboration

Ella and I are craft buddies! We can make things together! It is fantastic and I hope she always will go along with my crafty plans. I asked Ella if she wanted to buy Valentines for her day care buddies at the store or if she wanted to make them with Mommy and she said "make em wif Mommy" so we did. I picked up some watercolor paints and paper and we had our first ever painting attempt. It was wildly successful and only a little messy!

I think the final results are pretty cool. With Ella directing me, I used glitter glue to make squiggly lines on the paintings and used two heart stamps and red ink to further embellish. Then I cut out heart shapes and glued them onto cards.

Of course the picture quality is less than great, but trust me, they are awesome!

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Debra said...

Those are awesome Valentines. They are twice the fun. Fun to make and fun to get.