Sunday, February 10, 2008

Joining the Club

I have decided to finally join the craft blog club. I got all my sewing and craft stuff out after Christmas and had a chance to actually use it. It was great! I made up a pattern for a little patchwork clutch purse and put it together Friday night. I think it is cute, although I wish the binding was a little narrower and maybe on the bias - gingham bias tape is infinitely cuter than regular gingham binding. But all in all I think it looks cute.

The lining and some of the outside patchwork is my favorite raindrop fabric that I bought online. I have been saving it - like I save all my favorite fabric - but I decided to use it. Maybe if I use it all up Aaron won't complain so much when I buy more fabric!

I have made a few other little things lately - I will have to take some pictures to post.

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Christian & Mary said...

That is really pretty fabric! Did you make the pattern up or did you find it somewhere? We really love the diaper pack and quilt that you made for Jack. It is the only quilt I use for tummy time!